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Deadlink » Deadlink 1.1 is out

We’re thrilled to introduce a brand new feature in this Deadlink update, one that many of our dedicated players have been clamoring for: Extant Existence, also known as Endless Mode!

Alongside the addition of a new game mode, Deadlink has also received a significant round of balance tweaks and bug fixes to enhance overall gameplay stability and fairness.

What’s new?

“📢” marks the changes suggested by the Deadlink community

📢 Extant Existence (Endless Mode)

Endless Mode was a highly requested addition from our passionate player community, offering an opportunity to truly put your skills to the test or simply enjoy infinite gameplay for relaxation.

Dive into the simulation in a brand-new special area where waves of enemies will spawn one after another, challenging your survival instincts and combat skills. As you face your enemies, you’ll be rewarded for your skills with implants and upgrades, becoming stronger and even more badass with each victorious encounter.

Endless Mode serves a dual purpose: a thrilling challenge to see how long you can endure the relentless onslaught and a perfect training ground to experiment with weapon combinations and implant synergies.

So, gear up, sharpen your reflexes, and step into the endless simulation of Extant Existence. How long can you survive? How powerful can you become? The answers await in Deadlink’s most exhilarating update yet!

Endless Mode becomes available upon reaching the Femto corporation and also introduces:

  • 1 new skin for each primary weapon
  • 4 new achievements
📢 Lizz Watson Changes (minor spoilers ahead)

We always strive to provide the best gaming experience possible. One area where we heard your feedback loud and clear was the final boss encounter with Lizz Watson. Many players found this fight to be exceptionally challenging and, at times, unfair.

In response to your input, we’ve made some general changes to the Lizz Watson boss encounter. However, we want to ensure that experienced players still find a proper challenge, especially on the higher difficulty tiers. Therefore, most of these adjustments primarily impact the lower crisis levels, striking a balance between accessibility and maintaining the challenge for our veteran players.

  • HP reduced based on Crisis Level and Form (formerly 14k/14k, now VR-O: 12/6, DD: 13/10, N: 14/14)
  • Tweaked additional enemies’ composition and spawn times (scales with difficulty)
  • Improved weak spot collision detection
  • Lizz exits invisibility upon using any attack ability
  • Lizz spawns only one turret at a time
  • Added damage indicators for special abilities
  • Slowed down slash projectiles (scales with difficulty)
  • Fixed Alt+Tab freeze during the second form cutscene
🌞 Brazilian Portuguese Localization

Bom dia, agente! – Raphael Chagas da Silva prepared the fan translation of Deadlink, especially for our Brazilian players.

Other Changes
  • 📢 Added UI visual cue for hidden implants
  • 📢 Unlocked cutscenes can be rewatched anytime
  • 📢 Added option to reset the Deadlink Upgrades in HUB at no cost
  • 📢 Added toggleable ability cooldown indicators near the crosshair
  • Improved UI readability for Steam Deck
  • 📢 Defibrillator now refills shields to max value on activation
  • Fixed elevator collision issues in Femto
  • Fixed cutscenes 6 and 7 not playing after completing a run
  • Resolved DirectX-related issues, restored DLSS and XeSS functionality
  • Addressed some typos
  • Added backup save file creation
  • Minor performance improvements