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Dark Bunny » Dark Bunny – 0.6.6

I have added a few more features revolving around Blackberries and some more end-game replayability with the new fertilizer level scaling. As always, I appreciate any feedback!

I’ll just put both the 0.6.5 and 0.6.6 changelog in here, as the 0.6.5 apparently didnt go live.

Version 0.6.6 [11/15/2023]
  • Added fertilizer levels, to increase blackberry drop chance and game difficulty
  • New Forager passive
  • Blackberry rewards from challenges
  • Added blackberry bonus for winning a game
  • Report tracking of armor effeciency and damage dodged

  • Increased Demonics health loss per second
  • Increased Minecrafter mines trigger size
  • Reduced base blackberry drop chance, but higher difficulties increases the drop chance
  • Changed blackberry shop prices to be more streamlined

  • Disabling permanent stats settings not working for blackberry stats
  • A loophole, that allowed cheating by modifying game files

Version 0.6.5 [11/13/2023]
  • Increased Death Instructions trigger chance
  • Reduced Chain bombs trigger chance

  • Demonic losing too much health per second
  • Issue where Blackberries would not get loaded correctly when opening the game
  • Issue where Blackberries would show accumulated amount in reports