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Dark Bunny » Dark Bunny – 0.6.3 update

The first patch update since the Early Access Launch. I have fixed a few issues, made some balancing (made the game a little easier overall) and added a few more items 🙂

Version 0.6.3 [11/8/2023]
  • – New item “Dank Noir Ode” (guess the reference)
  • – New “Down the rabbit hole” passive, locked behind an achievement
  • – Message of what killed yo, when you die
  • – Several achievements yielding stats by killing a number of enemies

  • – Shop cost now gets red, if you don’t have enough carrots
  • – Reduced the effectiveness of Health Regen and added a health per second calculation
  • – Increased Poison Daggers CD by 0.2s and reduced its range by 0/0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4
  • – Reduced Critter identity armor penalty by 10 and reduced Etheral Protection CD by 2s
  • – Increased Healthy passive health regen from 4 to 5
  • – Slightly reduced enemy health
  • – Reduced Apples challenge tree spawn increase
  • – Increased transparency on Great Barrier
  • – Reduced Bear health
  • – Slightly increased Shredders base damage

  • – A few typos
  • – Visual issue where skills were selectable by keyboard while entering/exiting a level
  • – Issue where shop items with sub skills (summon skills) would be difficult to navigate to by keyboard