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Hyperhell » Dance & Deal Update

A dance dance devilution arcade cabinet has appeared in the office breakroom! Featuring two playable songs (+ possibly more in the future?) with a full scoring system and tweakable speeds, avatars, etc, this is (probably) our highest effort minigame yet!

But that’s not all! The new devil deal system will give experienced players new varied challenges to face in their runs! Not to mention the new boss…

Showcase vid here

-New rhythm minigame with two playable songs, three avatars, adjustable song speed/note scroll speed, and input system.

-New devil deal system! Spoilers on how to unlock/use it: The second level of each area except the mall (2-2, 3-2, 4-2, 4-5, etc) you can find a goat where a boss would normally spawn. Entering the level with a 10x combo or higher will spawn a sign that points you in the direction of this goat. Upon reaching the goat, if you’ve gotten a 25x combo at any point during the run he will give you a choice between 3 deals that make the run harder but also make enemies drop 5 more points on kill. These stack, but each time you go to the goat the combo requirement is another 10 higher.

-New secret boss! Spoilers on how to find it: Trigger the devil deal using the system described above, but instead of walking into a contract, shoot the goat instead. This can also be used to not take a devil deal if you don’t get the one you want, however killing the goat means he can’t spawn again during the run.

-New rare weapon: Entropy Shotgun.
-New challenge: get 3 mutators at the same time.

-Moving enemies will now occasionally spawn post loop.

-Loads of new level and rhythm game music (4 new level songs, 2 new boss tracks, 2 new rhythm game songs)

-Massive gupi buff! Shotgun is improved, snare lasts longer, hp increased from 4 -> 5

-Folie nerf, max hp decreased from 5 -> 4

-Lategame health droprate increased (mostly affects max heat post loop)

-Boost pad overhaul, they temporarily increase move speed instead of flinging you

-Misc bugfixes, some crashes, some enemy projectile desync, etc.

-Booster bruce nerf, projectiles changed from yellow to red but he shoots more of them now

Thanks for playing, love yall