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FLERP » Damage Tracker Update (1.1.3)

This update introduces a new tab in the damage tracker, along with some small balance tweaks, and some bug fixes.

Damage Tracker

The damage tracker now has two tabs: one for total damage, and one for damage dealt in the past 15 seconds. You can freely swap between the two views. Viewing the damage dealt by each tower in the past 15 seconds is useful for determining which units are doing well, and which might be underperforming.

  • Enemy scaling past 20 minutes has been reduced
  • Outlaw – no longer generates gold, but is now more effective at dealing damage
  • Scarecrow – attack speed and attack radius has been increased, damage has been slightly lowered
  • Arsonist – damage increased, max enemies hit increased
  • Imp – damage increased, max enemies hit increased
  • Prisoner – attack speed increased, level 3 effect improved from 2->3 chains

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Helping Hand item would lock you in the selection window
  • Lowered all sound effect volumes a bit

Once again thanks for your support thus far!