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CyVenge » CyVenge Patchnotes 0.8.0

Patch Notes 0.8.0 – Variation Update

New Weapons with Damage over Time Mechanics:

  • Blaze Bringer: Ignite your foes with this fiery revolver. Enemies hit by its bullets will suffer burning DoT until they’re ashes.
  • Stasis Blaster: Introducing the chance-based stasis effect; immobilize enemies in a non-attackable state while they take DoT.

New Abilities for Strategic Depth:

  • Turret Tango: Deploy a loyal turret companion that targets and bombards enemies with rockets within its vicinity.
  • Reflector Aura: The ultimate defensive mechanism. Absorb incoming fire, storing energy to unleash a retaliatory bullet storm after a set duration.

Gameplay Enhancements

  • Main Character Color Customization: Unlock seven vibrant new color schemes for Cy and light up the arena with new Glow Auras—available for a nominal fee.
  • Dynamic Shadows: Characters now cast shadows, adding depth and immersion to the gameplay environment.

User Interface Improvements

  • In-Depth Shop Stats: Wondering what those shop stats do? Simply hover over them for a detailed breakdown.
  • Unified Selection Menus: A streamlined interface now combines weapon and ability selections for easier navigation and a cleaner aesthetic.

Currency-Based Ability Acquisition

  • Abilities now require currency rather than XP or stars. Stay tuned for XP’s new role in our upcoming update!

Quality of Life Changes

  • Health Regeneration Overhaul: Negative health regen will now gradually deplete health, making strategic play more critical than ever.
  • Font Update: We’ve replaced our previous font for better legibility and style—say goodbye to squinting at the screen!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and enhance your gaming experience. Your feedback is invaluable—keep it coming!

Happy gaming,
Mario from Cave Beer Entertainment