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CyVenge » CyVenge 1.0 Full Steam Release !

CyVenge Full Release 1.0 – Patch Notes

Welcome to the full release of CyVenge! We’ve got a host of exciting updates and improvements in store for you in version 1.0. Here’s what’s new:

Enhanced Cy Stats: Cy’s abilities can now be boosted with stars, making them more powerful and efficient in combat.

Two New Enemies:

  • HeadBot: This enemy wants to get up close and personal, but it’s best to keep your distance if you want to survive.
  • Gunner: Be on the lookout for Gunner’s relentless stream of bullets. Timing and agility are key to evade its attacks.

Survival Over Slaughter: The gameplay objective has shifted. Now, instead of defeating a certain number of enemies, your goal is to survive for a set period of time.

Quality Over Quantity: Expect fewer enemies, but don’t let your guard down. These foes are tougher and more challenging than before.

New Items Galore: Introducing 3 new offensive, defensive, and utility items. After defeating countless robots, you can now repurpose their spare parts into useful equipment to aid in your battles.

Unlockable Modifications: Customize your gameplay with special mods that can be unlocked. Each run is a unique experience with these new modifications.

We hope you enjoy these updates and the new challenges they bring. Good luck, and happy gaming!