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Castle of Alchemists » CRAFT EXPANSION UPDATE

Hello good folk!

We have updated our crafting system for weapons, with new abilities and conditions and brought several UI/UX updates and reworks to some existing systems.

Here are the patch notes:


We have reworked some of the mechanics for a better experience.

  • Poison Clouds

    Now coloured green. Explodes when contacted with fire.

  • Heavy Poison

    Works exactly like Poison. We kept this in the game for prevent corrupted save files. Will be removed in future updates.

  • Explosive Gas

    Increased its damage to distinguish from poison clouds.

  • Acid Puddles

    Now deals acid damage to enemies passing. Hitting an acid puddle with electricity releases a 3×3 Poison Cloud.

  • Hydro Puddles

    No longer applies wet, still conducts electricity. When hit by chill, freezes and no longer conducts but slows enemies instead.

  • Sprinkler Trap

    No longer slows. Instead applies a condition to enemies within radius for its active duration (10 seconds) and leaves a 3×3 puddle on the ground. Variants as follows

    • Default : Sprinkler Trap – Oil => Applies Oiled to enemies and leaves an Oil Puddle.
    • Upgrade 1: Sprinkler Trap – Hydro => Applies Wet to enemies and leaves a Hydro Puddle.
    • Upgrade 2: Sprinkler Trap – Acid => Applies Acid to enemies and leaves an Acid Puddle.
  • Rage

    A new buff type for main character. Rage allows you to ignore stamina cost, take half damage and have 20 percent life steal on melee attacks for its duration.

  • Adrenal Pump Mutation

    Now enters you in a Rage for 15 seconds when you kill 10 enemies with a melee weapon within 3 seconds.

  • Shoulder Cannon

    Shoulder Cannon now works with a cooldown rather than being once per wave.


As per feedback, we realised melee weapons were not getting enough love. With these craft updates, we aimed to make them more viable with new conditions and abilities.

Here are new “Melee Only” abilities that you can get :

    Life Steal

    Heals you for a percentage of the damage you are dealing. Hitting multiple enemies do not increase the life steal amount.

    Deadly Blow

    Deals damage equal to 25 percent of enemy’s current health on given chance.

    Culling Blow

    Directly kills enemies who are below 35 percent of their total health on a given chance.


    Blocks a given flat amount from each physical attack after reductions.

Triggers for several abilities

Aside from those new abilities, we have added new triggers for some new abilities we have added to “all” weapons, as listed below:

  • On Charge

    Triggers when you activate your melee weapon’s charge.

  • On Reload

    Triggers when you reload your ranged weapon. For Crank Gun, you need to fully reload your weapon to trigger.

  • On Dodge

    Triggers on landing after a dodge.

  • On Hoop

    Triggers when you initiate a hoop back.

  • On Acrobatics

    Triggers on landing after an acrobatic (climbing up & down, jumping across gaps).

These triggers can occur only once per pre-determined cooldowns. When a trigger happens, you will see a cooldown icon on the left side of your Health Bar. Cooldowns are different for each trigger.

Triggers except “On Acrobatics”, only occur if you are using the weapon (Melee/Range). On Acrobatics always occur regardless of your current weapon.

Effects that can occur after these triggers are:

  • Guaranteed Crit

    Your next attack within 5 seconds is a guaranteed critical hit.

  • Melee Buff

    Melee damage is increased by 35%

  • Ranged Buff

    Range damage is increased by 35%

  • Fire Explosion

    Releases a small fire explosion dealing 200 fire damage which can ignite.

  • Chill Explosion

    Releases a small chill explosion that applies Chill which can freeze.

  • Release Oil/Acid/Hydro Puddle

    Releases an oil/acid/hydro puddle sized at 3×3, which can interact with other abilities.

  • Shield

    Blocks a certain amount of damage, for 10 seconds or till depleted.

  • Release Bomb

    Releases an explosive bomb on the spot.

  • Release Cluster Bombs

    Releases small cluster bombs near the spot.

Combination of these creates a large number of abilities you can get on the weapons. Weapons are not overloaded with all combinations possible, but rather with a theme. While Core Hammer type weapons would have more defensive oriented abilities, Alchemical Greatsword types would have more aggressive ones with higher chances.

New Consumable and Shoulder Cannon

We have added a consumable item and a shoulder cannon to the game. We have added small separate menus for both shoulder cannon and consumable which can be accessed from Arma by clicking on the consumable and shoulder cannon.

Freezing Blast Cannon

Applies Chill condition and possibly freezes enemies and other freezable objects, such as hydro puddles.

Rage Pellets

Small pellets that allows you to enter Rage for 15 seconds.

  • New cooldown icons have been added for each of the buffs you can get via items or skills above your skill bar.
  • New cooldown icons have been added for the new ability triggers mentioned above.
  • Visual effects on the main character has been added for the buffs.
  • When you heal from a source aside from Life Steal, now your HP bar briefly flashes.
  • When you enter an effect that allows you to ignore stamina, your Stamina bar freezes visually.
  • When you get a Shield buff, a shield buffer appears on your HP bar.
  • Your character flashes white when you are hit while having shield.
  • Visuals of the puddles have been updated.
  • Armored Arctic Swordsman has been given a visual uplift.
  • New sound effects added for Crushing Blow, Deadly Blow and Culling Blow.

As we mentioned in earlier updates, localization for new updates are not present yet.
As these abilities are not finalised and may be subject to change with new updates and feedback, applying localization now will cost us as a small indie company. Also translating into 13 languages takes time which delays these updates further.

We hope you understand.

Have a blasting weekend and have fun scorching your enemies with new abilities !