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Cosmic Carnage » Cosmic Carnage Demo Update 9

– added controller support for map selection screen and new buttons in end game panel
– added unlock carnage level achievements
– created new BGs to match carnage levels
– created map screen to select carnage levels
– added the ability to set the language before launching in the games steam properties (settings)

– fixed leaderboard entry sometimes not saving your build along with your score
– fixed leaderboard sometimes not showing your own record when pressing personal
– fixed settings dropdowns not scrolling correctly with controller
– fixed leaderboard is replacing saved score when pressing global button
– fixed build selection text issue – “range: BulletInfokm”
– fixed if you disconnect controller during gameplay, game does not pause
– fixed everytime you go back from ship mods panel the orb in build selection drops lower and lower
– fixed stats menu SFX is too loud
– fixed on levels where more than one boss spawns at a time, the boss incoming sound/text is played each time
– fixed turrets sometimes appearing behind player
– fixed text.luckystrike string issue
– fixed boss incoming text is not behind background of panels
– fixed if you have lots of health > boss incoming animation overlaps with HP

– changed end game panel buttons to include: leaderboard and build selection buttons
– changed carnage level unlock items to have the planet sprites instead of numbers
– changed all bosses health (+2k HP each)
– added cap to max HP you can gain (to not go offscreen)