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Cosmic Carnage » Cosmic Carnage Demo Update 8

– added language support for French, Spanish, Italian (still in BETA)
– added rarity to upgrades (white – common, blue – rare, purple – very rare, orange – legendary)
– added a small pulse at the end of skyes invulnerable dash to clear the landing point (note: if you dash to land directly onto something you will still take damage after landing)
– added tooltips to leaderboard builds
– shortcut controls to upgrade and reward panels
– difficulty unlock cards to unlocks menu

– bullet defense sound not working
– bullet defense sometimes not triggering
– dual black holes not syncing
– black hole upgrade 3 cannot find enemy to home to
– bloom in game settings > can reduce it but cannot increase it
– laser not syncing if you have laser active when collecting dual laser
– lasers not syncing if you get the dual laser upgrade after the single laser has just expired
– rounding bug in upgrade rarity selection (e.g .9999%)
– “NEW” text not showing when unlocking a new carnage level
– unlocked new carnage level panel title not stating the new available carnage level
– if there are no unlocks, cannot drag scrollbar
– spamming unlock on mods is causing the animation to get stuck
– mods panel animation glitch after 1 unlock
– leaderboard entry issues
– if you just unlock a astronaut/ship sometimes unable to then select this item
– elite enemies counter is always 0 in stats menu
– removed duplicate score text for malfunction, stun, decimate
– in stats menu controller could not scroll
– exp drops dropping at the correct location after collecting 5k+ exp
– click main menu after winning is loading stats menu
– last selected ship sometimes saves the neighbouring ship instead

– changed final upgrade of defense tree to: if you have 1 HP left you are spared a second chance, but you can no longer use your astronaut ability for that run
– quickplay now equips your last selected build
– removed failed runs in stats menu
– updated icons on main menu to fit the corresponding menus better
– buffed laser slightly
– increased spread on third turret modification