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Cosmic Carnage » Cosmic Carnage Demo Update 6

– no sound when unlocking mod item
– added minus unlock cost animation to mods panel
– minus unlock cost looping in build selection
– sometimes back shortcut not working in mods panel
– holding unlock on controller and then navigating away from that button causes the unlock loop to get stuck
– pressing back during unlocking an item still unlocks the item
– mods panel, letting go of unlock mid way causes unlock panels to break when attempting to unlock again
– cannot scroll through unlocks with controller
– increased visibility and reaction of scroll bars (unlock and settings panels)
– if using controller, highlight a char with controller and another char with mouse, can unlock both at the same time
– with controller, sometimes when you visit the exit panel no button is highlighted
– during game over, tooltips lingering
– fixed pressing shortcut buttons multiple times in all scenes issue (main menu, settings, unlocks, build selection, intro cutscene)
– fixed controller not able to highlight score/damage number tick boxes in settings