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Cosmic Carnage » Cosmic Carnage Demo Update 10

– using controller: added the ability to press b shortcut from pause menu to go back to game
– added steam language properties/settings for Russian and Simplified Chinese
– added Chinese and Russian language support in main settings menu

– fixed after unlocking character/ship and selecting the item sometimes doesn’t show the selected text
– fixed in 720p (& SteamDeck) tutorial text overlapping / not in correct location
– fixed explosive stun upgrade causing meteor shield to explode enemies and in turn causing damage to the player
– fixed bold font unreadable in simplified Chinese
– fixed when pressing build selection button in end game panel, music does not change to menu music
– fixed radio overlapping with tutorial
– fixed orbs in end game panel is in the wrong location for different languages
– fixed stats page sometimes had no sound effect

– reduced base meteor rotation speed from 50% to 30%
– reduced base lucky upgrade from 70% to 50%
– reduced damage of meteor shots slightly
– Changed how meteor shots work. Now there is a chance for more than one meteor shot to spawn. The new description is as follows: “spawns 1 to 4 meteor shots when a meteor collides with an enemy (1 = 100%, 2 = 80%, 3 = 30%, 4 = 10%)”
– Changed the wave system slightly. Having more powerful weapons/combinations will scale the difficulty of the waves dynamically
– increased cutscene reading length time to 15 seconds
– increased length of time that the tutorial is visible
– increased size of radio prompts