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Battle Shapers » Core Affinity Update – V0.4.0

Hey there Shapers!

Our team is about to take a little holiday break, but we figured before we left, we’d leave you with a little present: another update!

New Weapon: Splitshot Kunai

The Splitshot Kunai are fast-firing throwing knives that are thrown three at a time. When one hits an enemy, the projectile splits into two to chain to nearby targets allowing you to quickly hit many enemies at once. It also makes you feel like a ninja. Win-win situation.

New Enemy: Mistmantle

Is that…a robo-squid? Nah, it’s the Mistmantle, the latest minion to terrorize New Elysium. Not only do they release hazardous smokescreens that will impair your vision and allow your enemies to hide, they also have GUNS. Stay agile, and try your best to see through the fog!

New Ability: Nanite Swarm

Unleash a swarm of fiery nanobots that inflict hot and intense pyro damage on any enemy. If the enemy is killed while the swarm is attached to them, they’ll seek out a nearby enemy and continue attacking. Good bang for your buck!

Extended Core Affinity

Using the Affinity Amplifier, the Cores you have acquired can now be upgraded to a fourth and final level of Affinity, giving you access to a dozen brand new, exclusive Duo Core Enhancements. The “Reflective Barrage” core enhancement that was already in game was our first exploration of this system. These special Enhancements are specific to each possible combination of cores you have equipped, so try out each . Here’s the full list below:

  • Tempestuous Retribution
    Reflected enemy projectiles knockback and slow enemies.
  • Homing Reflect (reassigned)
    Level 1: Reflected enemy projectiles are now Homing
    Level 2: All Reflected projectiles are now Homing
  • Fury of the Huntsmaster
    While at maximum Hunter’s Mark, any additional Marks gained instead grant 1 Fury.
  • Widespread Carnage
    Level 1: For every different enemy hit by Overkill, increase that Overkill’s chance to Crit by 25%.
    Level 2: For every different enemy hit by Overkill, increase that Overkill’s chance to Crit by 50%.
  • Obliteration
    Overkill deals damage in an explosion
  • Vengeful Winds
    Level 1: While executing the Falcon Dive, Ada reflects incoming enemy projectiles back at them.
    Level 2: Any enemy projectile reflected during Falcon Dive grants you 1 Deadeye.
  • Hurricane’s Edge
    Critical Airblades hits grant you Haste.
  • Cyclonic Step
    Wind Step creates a knockback explosion.
  • Aegis of the Voltlord
    When you gain Fortify, spawn an Orb.
  • Thunderous Overload
    Dashing through a Volt Orb triggers its expiration effects and grants you Haste.
  • Lightning Rods
    Level 1 – You have 25% increased chance to Crit against Magnetized enemies.
    Level 2 – You have 50% increased chance to Crit against Magnetized enemies.
Recycling is back!

Due to popular demand, we have brought back the Recycling feature! Now when you have gear that you don’t want to Power Transfer, you can Recycle it to get some extra credits. This should reduce the overall frustration of needing to leave behind weapons and abilities you find during runs.

Dropping our mixtape

And lastly, a heavily requested ask is now a reality…the Battle Shapers’ Original Soundtrack is now available on Steam. Super excited to share that you can now jam out to Battle Shapers’ blazing guitar riffs and heart-pounding boss fight jams outside of the game. Grab it now!

Other Gameplay Changes:
  • All Overlords now have new, tougher attack patterns when they are fought in the third tower of a run
  • All weapons that have multiple projectiles per shot can now also have additive projectile modifiers. This is part of an ongoing effort to reduce mod incompatibility across the game.
  • Added a new fighting room to the Hideout
  • Flinched enemies will not be able to attack for a short duration after being flinched
  • Duration of Bulwark has been increased from 7 seconds to 8 seconds
  • The default FOV has been increased from 85 to 95. This change will not apply to players who already have a save file, but can be changed manually in the options menu.
  • The Combat Shields talent now gives 8 shield points per rank instead of 5.
  • Reduced the number of modifier slots gear items will spawn with by 1.
  • The angle at which reflected projectiles will reflect towards enemies has been narrowed but the effective range has been significantly increased. This means your reflected projectiles will not snap sideways as aggressively towards enemies.
  • Falcon Dive now always takes down exposed enemies.
  • The size of Deflecting Dash’s hitbox has been increased to better match the visuals
  • Plasma Blast’s initial explosion base damage has been decreased from 15 to 10, but will now deal 5 damage per tick to enemies standing in its area of effect.
  • Added sound effects for the Vatkins jumping at you
  • Added sound effects for the Wind Step ability
  • Substantial optimization improvements to reduce stuttering in combat
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue causing the laser to stay on if Strike Mantis was slowed during the attack
  • Fixed an issue causing Vatkins to not be killed after the player clears a challenge or room
  • Fixed an issue causing the Havoc Hammer to play an unintended animation occasionally when charging
  • Fixed an issue causing the Plasma Carbine to be unable to shoot switches or chests
  • Fixed an issue causing enemy attacks to be uninterrupted by knockback effects
  • Fixed an issue causing Shaper Rift parkour challenges to award one more reward choice than intended
  • Fixed an issue causing Falcon Dive’s HUD icon to not light up properly when available to use
  • Fixed an issue causing the edge of Ada’s forearm to be visible when playing at 100 FOV
  • Fixed an issue causing the Reflective Punch VFX to be stuck on screen if the player triggers a cinematic with the VFX active
  • Fixed an issue causing Pyronauts to sometimes not use their melee range flamethrower attack
  • Fixed an issue causing the rotating parts of the Stormscraper to be unaffected by VFXs during the tower liberation cinematic