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Seraph's Last Stand » Controller Support! (+ minor changes and bug fixes)

New patch is here!

But don’t get too excited… it’s just mainly small and specific bug fixes that you probably won’t notice, and a new slightly cool feature: controller support! The controller port is not half bad, specially on higher levels where you don’t rely that much on your aim. Also, it makes movement speed builds a lot easier to control. This controller support feature was implemented mainly because I’ve received a proposal to port the game into the Nintendo Switch, so expect to see it on the Nintendo Shop anytime soon (but not that soon).

About changes in balancing, there were not many:
– Fragmentation projectiles were nerfed by 30% damage.
– Enemies are now 30% stronger, but 30% fewer enemies spawn (better for less powerful machines).
– Enemies get stronger on later levels on a steeper progression.
– Bosses are stronger overall.
– Alopepetciamus now divides only 3 times (max 8 copies at all times), due to the division being prone to crashing the game.
– Some ascencions now need +1 or -1 stacks to reach, but I don’t quite remember which ones (sorry about that ¯_(ツ)_/¯)
– Wall jumping no longer working! Thought I’d make it a feature, but its too easy to cheese it.

For the few people who read the patches, I wan to clarify some stuff. A little bit of context: there are some people who recently started writing negative reviews for the game because I don’t update it as often as they expect. It’s fair, but kinda annoying to be honest, because most of those people have 20+ hours of gameplay, and I can sense that they’re doing this because they enjoy the game, and they believe the game could be better! I’m really glad that people are playing the game so much, and as I said before, this game was a bigger hit than I would ever have imagined, but it still was a small study project, built on a rush by one single person (that’s me) who works on multiple stuff at the same time. This is not actually a passion project, the code was not meant to be an ever growing system, and I acknowledged that by releasing it without the Early Access tag, with the $0.99 price tag. If the game one of these days gets a boom in visibility from somewhere, and starts selling 3 or 4 times more than the present, then I’ll know it’s time to employ a team, rebuild it from the ground up to accomodate new code, do PR, test new features, etc… but at this moment the money I make from the game is not enough to make a difference if I invest back into it. I really loved making this game, and I learned that creating the gameplay part is just 1/3 of the process, as everything else (opening a company, testing and retesting, fixing system-specific bugs, marketing, respoding the public) takes much more time than one would expect.

tl;dr – I don’t really know if I’m adding new content to the game, but it may happen.

But, for the one master “bug” that everyone hates, which is the game performance on later levels and framerate drops, we’re still working on refacturing the code on some places to try and get a smoother game. I say we, as I now have an actual programmer helping me with this. It’s not for sure, but we’ll keep trying to find a way to make the game run better on lower specs computers.

And again, thank you guys for playing and enjoying the game!


– André