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Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot » Controller Support, Hidden Passive Abilities, Festive Mood, and More!

“slime love holidayz! squishin well fed humanz fun”
Hey there, all!

This update is quite big, and we’re glad we could time it with the holidays. Here’s what we’ve added.

🎮 Controller Support 🎮

Yes, we’ve finally added controller support. Enjoy, and let us know if you have any feedback.

🤫 Hidden Passive Abilities 🤫

The most significant change in this update. The mechanic can be described in one sentence:
If Slime collects N abilities with the same tag during a run, it gains a passive ability that doesn’t occupy a slot and remains until the end of the run.

You can see your hidden passive abilities in the top left corner of the screen. Not sure why we called those passives “hidden” then if you can see them on your screen… I guess it’s because there’s no telling how to get a hidden passive until you get it… Ugh, never mind.

This mechanic has long been planned; it’s aimed to deepen deck-building. Now, it makes sense to include certain abilities in your deck, bearing in mind that you’ll need to sell as the run progresses. It makes more sense now to have certain cards in your deck as “transitory,” leading to the acquisition of the necessary passive ability.

Some abilities that you might have grown fond of have migrated to hidden passives—sorry, it’ll be better for everyone! You may miss the Dual Wielding card; leveling it up to level 3 is now significantly more challenging, but it seemed too powerful for a regular deck ability. When it comes to deck-building, we didn’t want to have too many “mandatory” abilities. The overall number of ability cards seems to have decreased, but in reality, we’ve only added new mechanics. Now it’s time to test this new take on the gameplay. If you like it, we will proceed and add content on top of it. And if you don’t… Well, we’ll have to redo it then, I guess. =D

⚖️ Balance Changes ⚖️

Due to the hidden passive abilities, the game balance has undergone significant adjustments. Some areas may seem easier, while others might appear more challenging. Late-stage enemies now deal more damage, but the Slime has become deadlier, too!

🎨 VIsuals 🎨

We’ve also added various new projectiles for ranged enemies, so now they don’t shoot only pink balls. Additionally, we’ve included an animation for the loading screen:

…and a Christmas-themed main menu—see the GIF above in this post. There are some other minor visual changes—only improvements, promise!

Anyway, that would be it for this update. Please provide feedback about it; it greatly influences the direction the Slime will crawl in next!

🎄 Merry Christmas from our team, and enjoy shopping during the Winter Sale.

Speaking of the sale: Slime 3K is 20% off until January 4th; pick a copy up for a friend (or yourself if you somehow still don’t own it):

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