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Wizard of Legend » Controller Support Beta

Hey Everyone!

We have just pushed a new beta version of Wizard of Legend, accessible to everyone, under the name “controllerbeta“. We hope to greatly increase controller support with this patch, but wanted to make sure we didn’t introduce major bugs in the process.

Update: There seems to be a bug with dying and re-joining the game. We’ll look into this and update the beta as soon as possible.

You can try the beta out by doing the following:

  1. Opt into Steam betas: Steam -> “Settings” -> “Account” tab -> “Beta participation” -> “CHANGE” button -> “Steam Beta Update” -> “OK” button
  2. Restart Steam if you had it open so that the beta list can update
  3. Right click on “Wizard of Legend” -> “Properties” in the library
  4. Click on the “BETAS” tab
  5. Choose “controllerbeta” from the drop down
  6. The game should update and show “Wizard of Legend [controllerbeta]”
  7. You should also DISABLE Steam Input support to ensure proper detection by going to “Wizard of Legend” -> “Properties” -> “Controller” -> “Disable Steam Input”

Here’s a list of controllers that should be supported to some degree with the update:

Please let us know if this update solves any issues you may have had or causes new ones! We’d love to hear how it goes for you via Discord, Twitter, or Steam Community Forums. Thank you!