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Too Many Cooks » Controller support and customizable difficulty settings!

Hello fellow chefs!

We have a major update for you today based on some player feedback and the roadmap for the game. I would also like to say thank you to those who have been alpha testers to help make sure this is all working!

First new feature for today’s update is controller support!

The default aiming is now automatic rather than manual to better handle controller support. Although there is currently no option for customizable keybindings, this will be added in future updates.

The second feature is customizable difficulty settings!

Once you’ve completed your first run of 20 minutes, you will unlock the customizable difficulty settings. Do you want enemies to have loads of health but move super slowly? Or how about a challenge run where you’ll die in one hit? Play around with the settings and make your game as difficult or as easy as you’d like!

NB: Previous save data is not compatible, but this should not be the case for future updates.

Be sure to sign up for beta testing in order to help test out new features before they are released to the public.