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Xmas Apocalypse » Content Update 1.0.4

Thanks everyone for being patient while the work on this beast of an update took way longer than I had anticipated. 3 new skills! 1 new character! 3 perks! And a lot of fixes and changes to improve the game.

I also fixed a couple things with the save system, which unfortunately resulted in the nailgun being locked again even when you had unlocked it previously. So if you already purchased it, I apologize that it has to get unlocked again. I have reduced the price a bit to make up for it. These changes were necessary for more weapons to be added in the future.

  • removed dodge knockback on enemies still being triggered after death
  • Vixen’s corpse doesn’t get pushed anymore
  • Santa’s backpack dropping when dying with Vixen
  • Corrected round-off errors when increasing magazine size
  • added particle and sounds effects to dodge roll
  • improved vfx for shield
  • extended the blast radius of explosive barrels
  • Super star mode does damage to bosses now
  • Enemy spawn behavior adjusted during reloads
  • Glowing spheres on skill trees replaced with glowing ornament meshes
  • Collection page for skills is scrollable now to fit all skill cards
  • optimized saved data
  • price for nailgun set to 850 coins
  • Some enemies drop blue gems with more XP now
  • Defeating the Elder Tree rewards bonus coins at the end of the run
  • New unlockable skill: Dashing Snowball – dodge roll into enemies to injure them
  • New unlockable skill: Ice Bucket of Dread – freeze enemies when you shoot them
  • New unlockable skill: Pain Cones – orbiting pine cones that hurt
  • New unlockable character: Old Tree – Defeat the Frosty Elder Tree to play with this character
  • New to unlock on the skill tree: PERKS – permanent stat bonuses at a higher but fixed price. The added perks are: +1 skill slot, +1 max HP, +50% magazine size