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Crimson Dawn » Content Roadmap 2022 – Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone!

We are still hyped by the amount of your feedback and suggestions that show how strong our community base is. We do not want to keep you waiting and are ready to share our plans for further Crimson Dawn content updates until the end of this year.

Future content Roadmap
November 22
  • New map;
  • New character;
  • New weapon;
  • New artefacts;
  • Character’s & Blacksmith’s progression reset;
  • New types of enemies;
  • In-game achievements
  • Weapons sound design effects rework;
  • Controller Support and Key rebinding;
  • Cloud saves;
  • More in-game and UI changes.

December 22
  • Weapons evolution system;
  • New map;
  • New character;
  • New weapons;
  • New artefacts;
  • In-game wiki collection;
  • New Modes for the current maps;
  • Run statistics;
  • More in-game and UI changes.

Even though development requires a lot of effort, we will try to update the game as often as possible. But please keep in mind that the information above and the dates are not final and can be changed in the process of development.

You can discuss your experience with the game and report bugs on our Discord server:

We will keep reading your feedback and do our best to provide you with hotfixes and new content as soon as possible.
I hope you will continue to enjoy and support Crimson Dawn. Thank you!

Purple Lake Team