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Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde » Content Patch 8

:mb2spark: Greetings Spirit Hunters! :mb2spark:

We are happy to finally be releasing our biggest and final major content patch prior to the 1.0 release! This has been a massive undertaking over the past couple of months and we really appreciate the support and patience for this update. There is a LOT to get through, so let’s jump right in!


McDiggins, the crazy miner is our resource-gathering/farming specialist. All of his starting ability synergies are based on gathering more resources.

:mb2spark:PASSIVE – All Crystal nodes turn into Ember Core nodes in every zone.
:mb2spark:HERO ABILITY – McDiggins gains move speed, invulnerability and knockback for 4 seconds. Enemies hit by the knockback have a 30% chance to drop a crystal. This can be used as both a powerful escape and a great farming tool.

Sickle was an elite miniboss in the Spirit horde army but she was betrayed by Moon Mummy. She joined the Spirit Hunters on a quest for revenge.

:mb2spark:PASSIVE – Sickle does 25% bonus damage with all abilities and her starting synergies add even more damage. She can’t heal making her the most challenging hero to play.
:mb2spark:HERO ABILITY – Sickle uses Death Mark to slash all enemies around her instantly. The lower her health the faster it recharges and the more damage it does. Every 50 missing HP changes the stats.
*Full health: 300 HP = 35 second cooldown – 400 damage to all near enemies
*Near Death: 50 HP = 10 second cooldown – 1400 damage to all near enemies

Magnus got a minor starting HP buff and his Hero Ability has gained 2 charges. From 5 to 7.


This is the 3rd and most challenging zone found in the Desert map. Will you play it safe in the open desert or seek out the many treasures hidden in the dangerous tall grass? This zone features a bunch of new enemies including the Scorpions, Shock Beetles and the epic Antlion.

The final map and zone features a unique enclosed layout and the Molemen Cultists who uncovered the ancient Moon Mages who unleashed the spirit horde into the world.

We added a bunch of new monsters to the game for the new zones and did some balance changes to a lot more. Here are some of the new Oasis and Lunar Cavern monsters
:ns_blue:16 new standard monsters
:ns_blue:5 new minibosses
:ns_blue:6 new End bosses

Some of the new Minibosses
:ns_blue:Swolpion – best name evar!

We also buffed “a few” of the existing minibosses. These ones are a bit tougher than before:

It finally happened. Moon Mummy got really angry that we didn’t give him a buff in this patch. So he revealed and unleashed his true form: Megnacron, lord of the Spirit Horde… I always knew that moon mummy was up to something!

The Ledger is the biggest system update we are adding to the game. Now there are 10 Ledger Challenges per hero that push players to try unique builds. Starting a challenge from the Ledger will give you level 1 versions of every ability and pet needed for the run. Complete the requirements and win the level to win the challenge.

These new challenges also tie into new Steam Achievements to unlock!

The ledger also provides a way for the player to now follow stats from their runs, so if you’re into knowing how many pet cages you’ve opened, or how many enemies you’ve actually clobbered then there is a page in the ledger for you!

** Important note, Most of the ledger stats are new to this patch, and as a result are only just being tracked from this patch onwards. Your old saves will work just fine, but just keep in mind when you look at your stats and they are set to 0. **

*We highly recommend starting a new save file to get the ideal game experience and new flow.

We did a bunch of ability and mod tuning to continue pushing for good balance.

POISON CLOUD got a design update and a significant damage boost. Instead of the original shoot in the facing direction that was always hard to aim, it now fires a double shot left and right upon growing to full size. Now it has far greater damage output and stronger crowd control.

:ns_blue:ORBITAL FIRE – Gains +1 damage banner after unlocking Multiflame doing double damage mid-game.
:ns_blue:Arrow – Arrow shot speed and range increased
:ns_blue:TORNADO – Minor starting CDR buff
:ns_blue:MOD – BREAKING WIND – Now gets double the shots due to Poison Cloud shooting two bursts.
:ns_blue:MOD – FLAME DRAGON – Damage banner increased Flame Dragon damage
:ns_blue:MOD – POISON ARROW – Massive damage increase per level
:ns_blue:MOD – ARROW MULTI SHOT – Shot speed and range increased
:ns_blue:MOD- JINN SHOCK SHOT – Stun chance increased per level
:ns_blue:MOD – CHAIN LIGHTNING – Overpowered CC – Reduced stun chance

WHOODOO got a buff with 2 more scaling damage levels
Before: 3 levels (3/4/5 damage per tick) After: 5 levels (3/4/5/6/7)

NOMICRON changed dramatically. The damage was reduced but the size is greatly increased. Now the levelling up damage area is massive.

SCOOP no longer digs up small coins. Now when he finds gold its a large sack. Payday!

We added a bunch of quality-of-life updates to improve the overall game experience and communication. Plus some accessibility and balance updates.

Spirit Hunters is now translated into Japanese and Korean!

We added a rank to show the current level and max level of any given stat on the banner during the level-up selection.

Many players did not even notice there was a REROLL button so we changed it to look more like the rest of the banners.

:sadhf:PET PANEL
We added a panel that shows current pets and their levels when you are selecting pets from opening cages or in shops.

Now when you pause the game you can see the required levels for available mods based on the abilities you have. No more memorization or guesswork is needed during a run.

Ability reroll cost has been reduced from 100 gold to 50 gold
Pet reroll cost has been reduced from 250 to 100 gold

Will no longer kill you in one hit. Now they’re the Boss Hurty Spikes and just do a large amount of damage.

Before you could only purchase level 1 pets in shops. Now all pet ranks are available to purchase in shops.

We added a lot more treasure bugs to all zones across the game.

We reduced some of the kill gate number requirements and added a few more waves of specific enemies to make the kill gates easier to achieve. No more grinding out multiple runs for a single kill gate required… unless you die early… then we can’t help you.

A frustrating issue existed where when levelling up just as you pushed the hero ability would cause an accidental selection. We’ve put a little cooldown to prevent that and some timing work.

Now that we have the final zone in the game, the first enemy to drop Shadow Souls to unlock Brutal Power is in the Hard mode Lunar Cavern. This is the way it was always intended to be. Of course, you can still get to it early using the currency exchange hack. 🙂

Worked through a number of enemies and improved their animations.

Repainted all the maps to look much better and show the zones more clearly.

We’ve spent a good chunk of time making sure that the controller is fully supported throughout the game, and the game is fully playable now with a controller.

Some important controller things to note:

:ns_blue:Cursor movement is now on the left stick rather than the right.
:ns_blue:Snapping system to make selection easier. You can turn this on/off in Options.
:ns_blue:In the Divinity web, the right stick pans the camera, and the Bumper buttons Zoom in and out.
:ns_blue:Gone through the game and updated all screens to support controllers.
:ns_blue:Just lots of controller / UI / interaction fixes. (LOTS!) Like such classics, such as “You can now navigate back through the menus with B!” etc.

There are still some minor issues to address, but we think you’ll like the love that’s gone into this.

We have 22 new achievements added to this patch, mostly focused on the ledger challenges.
:ns_blue:Unlock McDiggins
:ns_blue:Unlock Sickle
:ns_blue:3 Twilight Oasis achievements
:ns_blue:3 Lunar Cavern achievements
:ns_blue:14 Ledger Challenge achievements

We squished a lot of bugs from Major ones to minor ones. Here are some of the core ones.

:al_bug:BUG – Oracle Dialogue Text Box – The dialogue text box had to be clicked to clear, this functionality has been removed as it was frustrating for controller users.
:al_bug:BUG – UI Ratio issues – Went through the UI and fixed some reported issues when in certain ratios.
:al_bug:BUG – Bestiary Tab Mixup Issue was fixed where if you left the bestiary and went back it could have the wrong tab selected for the information displayed.
:al_bug:BUG – Boss Death Registering – Fixed an issue where a boss death might not be registered as a kill and thus require you to go through it again.
:al_bug:BUG – Divinity Web Panning Bug + UI Cursor off-screen – You could pan forever and lose the centre. You could also lose your UI cursor. UI Cursor is now bound within the screen.
:al_bug:BUG – Timing Soft Locks Hopefully caught all the issues where a combination of pausing and triggering levelling or hero ability could cause a soft lock where the game remained in a paused state despite closing down out of menus.
:al_bug:BUG – Double Buy In Shops – Can no longer double buy in shops by spamming button.
:al_bug:BUG – Invalid Pets for Heros – Certain heroes have certain pets disabled that would not benefit them at all, however, they would still pop up in Shops. They no longer pop up in shops if disabled.
:al_bug:BUG – Hero ability was triggerable after death … oops! You shouldn’t be able to fire off your hero ability when you have died.
:al_bug:BUG – End Result Auto Complete – When using a controller or WSAD + Space – you could not trigger the autocomplete on the end result screen. Yawn! Now you can. Hurrah!
:al_bug:BUG – Localisation Spillage – Some text was spilling over components. We’ve done a full pass and HOPEFULLY caught them all and also tidied up localisation within components.
:al_bug:BUG – Spawning After Death – When you died, things would continue to spawn like minibosses or even bosses – creating a bit of a weird experience. They no longer do that.
:al_bug:BUG – Northwood Boss Audio – The audio for this boss was very loud! We’ve dialled it down from 11.
:al_bug:BUG – Minibosses escaping – Minibosses are properly tidied away when they get so far away that they become impossible to catch up.
:al_bug:BUG – Typos and Localisation fixes – We had a few textual issues with Pets and other things. We did a few more typos passes.

:ns_blue: HOTFIXES :ns_blue:
:al_bug:BUG – Kill gates have now been added to Oasis difficulty unlock nodes on the Divinity Web
:al_bug:BUG – Kill gates have now been added to Caverns difficulty unlock nodes on the Divinity Web
:al_bug:BUG – Fixed some typos

GET IT NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP! 48 hours after this patch goes live, we are raising the price of the game to $7.99. We want to give players the opportunity to still get the early access version with all the content for a lower price before the pre-1.0 price increase.

There were a lot of changes in this patch, so please if you run into any bugs/issues or just have general feedback then send us a message or join our discord as we’d really appreciate it!

As always thanks for all the support. If you are enjoying the game and the updates, please take a moment to leave a positive review. Thanks!

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