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Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde » Content Patch 07

:mb2spark: Happy February :mb2spark:

Over the past 6 weeks, we have been working very hard on getting a lot more skills and mods into the game as well as some major changes, updates and balance to improve the overall experience. Lets get right into it!

Our first major update is our first wave of localization/translation. We have added support for localisation throughout the game and converted the entire game into multiple languages. Our first languages are:

* Simplified Chinese
* Spanish
* German
* Brazilian-Portuguese

More languages to come in the future.

We added 18 new abilities and mods to the game so now every temporary space in the Dweb is filled. Each ability now has 2 mods. As always mods can stack to combine in countless build variations.

Descriptions for all the new things:

Bolts of lightning shoot out in quick succession causing low damage and stunning enemies in range.

Shockbolt changes from surrounding the player to dropping multiple turrets that attack monsters. Level up Spark turrets to reduce time between turret placement to create a huge area of shock chaos.

Modify Shockbolt to allow extra bolts to bounce between enemies. Add multiple levels to gain maximum shocked and stunned targets.

One of the original Spirit Hunters who was killed in Hardcore mode so the Oracle could not bring him back to life. He still assists the team as a spirit himself casting powerful piercing fireballs at the nearest enemy. Jinn also has his own magnetism to pick up souls and loot for the player.

:sadhf:VILE AURA
Jinn gains an aura that does damage to monsters and increases his magnetism size. Add multiple levels to icrease the size to create a large area of constant damage.

:sadhf:STUN SHOT
Jinn’s fireballs turn into shock shots that have a chance to electrify and stun enemies. Add levels to increase the stun chance.

:sadhf:STAR SHOT
Shuriken changes from a focused line of damage to an even spread. The more levels spent in number, the more shots fire around the radius.

Shurikens bounce off enemies doing reduced damage for each bounce. Combine with Star Shot for some full screen ninja star chaos.

Orbital Fire changes into a dragon that shoots radial fireballs that match base damage levels. The more levels spent in Frame Dragon the faster it shoots. Combine with Multi Blaze to double and triple the number of fireballs

Adds the poison slowing and damage over time affect to all Arrows.

On impact bone shot splits into multiple piercing shards every 5th shot doing 50% current bone shot damage. More levels in splinters increases the number of shards

Every 10 boneshot spawns a large area of bone spikes shooting from the ground causing 2X current bone shot damage in a wide area. More levels in Impale increases the size and area of effect.

Enemies that are killed while frozen have a chance to emit a frozen blast that freezes enemies around them. This can create an epic chain reaction of Frozen Death! More levels in FD increase proc chance.

:sadhf:ICE STORM
Icicles will rain down on your foes doing 2X Ice Ring damage per hit. Ice Storm falls randomly withing the current size/range of Ice Ring, so a larger ice ring will spread the damage further and a smaller one will keep the damage closer range. More levels in Ice Storm adds to the frequency of the falling icicles.

A ghosted version of your hero will follow echoing all Cleave attacks at a lower damage. More levels will increase the damage and eventually add a second echo. Combine with Final Slash for a huge wall of range damage.

:sadhf:COLD MINE
Mine explosions change to cold damage and leave a small area of ice that will freeze enemies that walk over it. More points in Cold mines increases enemy freeze duration. Frozen enemies cant hurt the player, so you can shove past them.

:sadhf:ZAP MINE
Mine explosions also shoot bolts of lightning damaging and stunning enemies. More levels into Zap Mines adds more bolts to the attack.

:sadhf:GOLD HEX
Grand Hex changes to gold and gains a chance for defeated enemies to drop gold. More levels in Gold Hex increases enemy drop chance. Get this early game to get rich!

:sadhf:FOWL HEX
Enemies hit with Grand Hex have a chance to turn into pink chickens that do no damage. This works well for dealing with harder enemies with lots of HP.

:mb2spark:Disappearing XP
We have heard all the feedback about souls and resources vanishing. The entire game has been rebalanced to make the change for souls, gold, hearts, and all other resources to stay on the ground until picked up or the end boss spawns.

We have also addressed the concerns about immunity. Normal enemies are no longer immune to any skill. Ice Ring has been slightly adjusted to account for the change. Brutal Scourge, Some minibosses and End bosses are still immune to Freeze, Shock/Stun and Poison.

:mb2spark:GAME SPEED
The overall game speed has increased again. All hero base move speed has increased by 12%.
Normal mode enemies speed is unchanged making it easier across the board.
Hard mode base enemies move speed increased by 8.5%

:mb2spark:BRUTAL POWER
Late game Brutal power has been adjusted for overall game balance. Some reduced some increased to improve pacing and challenge.

As usual loads of tuning has gone into many monsters across the game. Way too many monsters, minibosses and end bosses have been updated with minor health, damage, speed balance adjustements to type it all out. 😛

:mb2spark:MOON MUMMY
Moon Mummy is spawning even more often. Expect to see him 25% more often. It’s not a real buff, but don’t tell him that.

*Poison Cloud size level cap has been increased from 10 to 12
*Poison Cloud damage levels have increased from 10 to 15

*Ice Ring has lost one level in duration to account for all the enemies that used to be immune.

*Arrow starting size has been increased by 10% increasing all Arrow size levels and Dweb upgrades.
*Arrow has +1 max size rollable.

*Starting spears have been increased by from 2 to 3.

*Magic Mines explosion size banner increased from 10 to 12%

*Early rotation speed has been slightly increased and each rollable has been reduced. Late game rotation has been reduced to balance the power of Flame Dragon and Multi Blaze mods.

*Tornados base move speed has increased by 12%
*Tornado got a minor cooldown buff to increase late run and Chaos storm power.
*Chaos storm move speed has increased by 12%

:mp_star:NEW PET! – BLOCKER
*Reduced enemy projectile damage recieved by 5/10/15/25

:sadhf:PET – SCOOP
*Increase digging speed by 300% Hurry up!

:sadhf:PET – WEBSTER
*Web attack frequency increased by 10%

Here are some of the new updates and additions we have added this month

:sadhf:New Barrels and Chests
*Barrels will be mixed in with crates and have a slightly higher chance for better drops.

We now have 4 tiers of chests with different chances to spawn.
*Gray chests are the lowest value standard drops. (50% chance)
*Gold chests are 2X drops and higher value gold. (30% chance)
*Grand Chests drop 4X drops plus large value XP souls (15%)
*Legendary Chests drop 8X drops plus epic white souls and the highest value resources. (5%)

:sadhf:New Chests and Mining Nodes
Pet Cages now have a 20% chance to be Epic which gives 5 choices instead of 3.
Mining Nodes now have a 10% chance to be Epic which drops 5X more crystals.

:sadhf:Loot Shellbugs
We added 4 different Loot Shellbugs that randomly spawn and quickly run away dropping their respective resource as they flee. Chase them to pick up the drops and defeat them for a big reward.

:sadhf:Divinity Web Updates
We have adjusted and cleaned up the layout and added large art to Heroes and Zones for ease of locating them. Some nodes have moved to different locations and some resource costs and killgate numbers have been adjusted for new content balance.

We have added a tutorial button to the start screen and a couple of images explaining some of the core concepts in the game that some players are not understanding.

:sadhf:Hero Ability Clairity
We added a chime sound and a flashing glow to indicate when the Hero Ability is ready to use.

:sadhf:Resolution selection
In options, you can now change the resolution. Useful for windowed mode.

:sadhf:Controller mouse cursor speed
Increased the movements speed of the mouse cursor when using controller by 100%

:al_bug: When you have a large trail of pets following you and you came to a stop, they jovially danced around in an erratic way. There should be less of that now.
:al_bug: Firing off your hero ability after you have defeated a boss allowed the player to move around! This could lead them to do things like run into the death spikes…we can’t have that. Now when the boss dies, you can no longer fire off your hero ability.
:al_bug: There was a weird hit flash issue with the large tornado enemies. This weirdness has been removed. You’re welcome.
:al_bug: General standard spelling mistakes etc. Oopsie.
:al_bug: Minor issue where if you had a mod that could be unlocked but rerolled and the new item in its place was a normal ability, it would have the wrong background.
:al_bug: Multi-blaze at higher ranks could go weird. This has been fixed and now works nicely with the flame dragon.
:al_bug: Getting a pet like Big Tex could cause some issues with certain ability mods, where they could zero out. This has been fixed.
:al_bug: When we switched to collectables staying for a much longer time (XP etc) a long-standing issue made itself known. The issue was one where although GOLD had been dropped, the visualisation would show GOLD and SOMETHING ELSE like blue souls. This issue has been fixed and things are cleaned up properly on reuse.

:sadhf:HOTFIX 20.02.23
:mp_star:You can now convert currency fast by clicking and holding the convert buttons!
:al_bug: Fixed an issue where for a few people the game was crashing when quitting.
:al_bug: Fixed issue with Chinese language and “Unknown” monsters in the Beastiary.
:al_bug: Jinn banner upgrade divinity web node “Range +5%” should now make more sense.
:al_bug: Pressing delete save file button will now provide the correct text to explain what is happening.
:al_bug: Several small typo fixes.

We are excited to be collaborating with fellow creators in the genre on a new bundle:
:mp_star:Bounty of One
:mp_star:20 Minutes Till Dawn
:mp_star:Spellbook Demonslayers

Thank you again to everyone for the amazing ongoing support for Spirit Hunters: Infinite horde.
*If you are enjoying the game, then please leave a positive review. Every thumbs-up helps. ːsteamthumbsupː

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