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Armaggeddon » Content Drop: Future Tech Part 1

This update is the first half of the “future tech” themed update, focusing on more build options and filling the maps with a bit of variety.

I wanted to get something out for the steam shmup event, so I decided to break it up into 2 parts, since there is a good bit here!

Main Changes and Additions
  • Added “scientist” pilot
  • Added Gamma Cannon weapon
  • Added Auxiliary Array weapon
  • Added new “map utilities” to find throughout the maps (detailed below)
  • Added destructible buildings throughout the maps
  • Added a minimap, to help locate map utilities
  • Added a reroll mechanic, allowing you to get a new set of upgrade options
  • Added new weapon upgrades (detailed below)
  • Added new mech upgrades (detailed below)
Map Utilities
  • Jump Pad
  • Air Drop
  • Repair Pad
  • Powerup Pad
New Mech Upgrades
  • Heavy Ordnance
  • Advanced Sensors
  • Reactor Overclock
  • Spiked Armor
  • Stabilizer Arm
New Weapon Upgrades
  • Manual Override
  • Overpressured
  • Fragmentation
Smaller/Misc Changes
  • Changed some enemy colors to be less boring
  • Lots of other visual tweaks and improvements
  • Windowed mode now remembers its size
Known Issues

This update has introduced some performance slowdowns, but only when leaving the level up menu/pause menu for some reason? Still tracking it down, but since it runs as smoothly as before during normal gameplay, I think its okay to get the content out and try to patch it asap. Feel free to yell in the discussions page and share your hardware if its unplayable for you!

The Next Update: Future Tech Part 2

This shouldn’t be too far out, as I’ll just be polishing up and finishing everything planned for this content drop. The things I’m planning currently are:

  • “Manticore” mech
  • A few additional upgrades
  • A few other map utility types
  • More building variety, hopefully a few map-specific structures/features
  • Some additional minimap features/adjustments
  • Performance improvements

I would like to add a new map in this update, but I think that I will save brand new maps and possibly modes for the final 1.0 update, so people who have played a lot have something new to dig into. That’s all for now!