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Bring it On! » COMING SOON – v0.13: CORRUPTION

We will be releasing a new update to Bring It On! soon with a new major mechanic!


During the course of each battle, slaying enemies will start to taint the ground with their evil corruption! Stay in one place too long and that corruption will build up until the ground is covered in a purple manifestation of the evil that has taken over the realm!

You don’t want to stand in this miasma or you’ll start to take damage – which will start out small but increase the longer you remain in the corruption!

This update fundamentally changes the core gameplay of the game – hopefully encouraging players to explore more of the battlefields as they cover more and more of the areas they’ve been with the corruption – and lend to some strategic decisions: is it worth standing in some corruption to open a chest? Should you run through a big patch of it to make it to a big pile of Experience Gems?

This update is expected to come out in a few weeks – look for it around the beginning of December!

Although this does not add a new level or any new characters to the game, we hope you enjoy this new addition while we continue to move closer to the finish line!

Other Changes coming in this Update include:

  • A new Guide which explains the game’s mechanics in detail, such as Weapon Elements, Power-ups, and more!
  • The option to PASS on any Relic you find! Don’t want to deal with the effects of a Relic? Just choose to Pass!
  • Added an option to access the Setting menu from many places in-game, such as the Pause screen.
  • An updated UI which shows how close you are to the Mid-Boss and Boss appearing!
  • Lots of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and little improvements!

The next level: The Tundra is still in the works!

Enjoy! ♥