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Strafe: Gold Edition » Cloud Saves & Gamepad Updates

As we’ve been working to bring the Millennium Edition update to the PS4 there were some fixes and quality of life updates we decided to roll into the PC version for people who play with a gamepad.

Also we added some fun stuff.

+ Added Cloud Saves
+ Fixed bug causing unintended strobe effect on low performance mode during scripted lighting events
+ Fix for saved runs corrupting when going back and forth between a saved run and murderzone
+ Fixed bug stopping two projectile types from being reflect-able with the wrench
+ Fix for error giving backpedal penalty too often when playing with a gamepad
+ Fix for error sometimes leading to inconsistent aim speed when playing with gamepad on pc
+ Adjusted Joystick input curves for the right stick
+ Adjusted Joystick sensitivity acceleration
+ Added two new control schemes for gamepad
+ Removed small visual glitch during Devolver intro
+ Added hidden feature-length STRAFE® screenplay

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