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Hive Jump Survivors » Closed Beta Version 0.3.581

  • Added a new game over menu which provides a breakdown of the player’s run.
  • Added acid pools that can damage the player.
  • Added a combination preview card when combining equipment with a store item.
  • Added attack and death animations for the Buzzer.
  • Added death animations for the armorer.
  • Added anticipation animations for grenades.
  • Added anticipation and death animations for the Floater.
  • Added new map decor.
  • Added knockout to non-jumpable walls.
  • Added art for the Smart Turret.

  • Input icons now change depending on the input device being used.
  • Locked jumpers no longer appear in the jumper selection menu.
  • Updated UI text for readability.
  • Fuse Grenade explosion brightness increased.
  • Updated damage number tweening.
  • Increased the clickable area of store buttons
  • Increased the clickable area of the settings buttons.
  • Updated the art for the speed power-up.

  • Fixed an issue where combining equipment would throw an error.
  • Fixed issues relating to infinite looping SFX audio.
  • Fixed issues with enemies appearing inside the level geometry.