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20 Minutes Till Dawn » Closed Beta for the Last Early Access Patch Has Started!

Thanks for patiently waiting for 20 Minutes Till Dawn to be updated! A closed beta test has started for the final patch before 20 Minutes Till Dawn launches out of Early Access. To access the closed beta, join the official 20 Minutes Till Dawn Discord for more information.

Preview of the New Stuff!

Weapon Evolutions

Each weapon in the game has been given a set of unique evolutions that powers them up and change how they play! You can choose one of them once you reach level 20 in a run.

New Weapons

The new Cyclone Sword does a powerful spin-to-win attack during its “reload”.

There’s More to Come!

The final patch isn’t done yet, and more stuff will be added to the closed beta in the coming weeks!
Here’s some more stuff that’s still being worked on:

  • 2 more new weapons coming soon!
  • Tomes that drops from bosses are going to be completely reworked for more variety
  • A lot of the runes will be reworked
  • New achievements
  • UI improvements

Thanks again! I hope you guys can enjoy 20 Minutes Till Dawn Closed Beta and looking forward to hearing your feedback on 20 Minutes Till Dawn Discord!

By the way, we’re bundling with an awesome new action roguelike, Halls of Torment, so please check it out if your interested!