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Dr. Professor Scientist's Weapons Testing Facility » Clockwork Discipline 1.4.0

Major patch here, now that we have the demo out there a new discipline shall be released upon the world.

Patch Notes 1.4.0 Clockwork Discipline

Clockwork Discipline

A new discipline of war was accepted after the Dr. Professor Scientist saw another dimension using clockwork artifacts in a way that did not seem impossible in the Professors own world.

  • Ghost Cannon – A ghost cannon that fires ALL projectiles in your weapon at lower damage
  • Stuck Pointer – A pointer projectile that gets stuck inside an enemy continuing its path after the enemy is destroyed
  • Pointer Spinner – A turret pointer that keeps spinning on the map adding a new blade each round
  • Rolipoli – A slow brass ball that likes wall.
  • Gear System – A totally unique modifier that keeps gearing up like the name implies and has 3 different variations available, depending in which order it is placed.

  • Lightning – All lightning modifiers and projectiles now have lightning bounce, chaining the lightning between targets
  • Bouncy Ball – Bouncy ball now scales with bounces
  • A lot of other small changes to drop rates.

Go out there and enjoy!