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Westale: Peelgrimage » Christmas Special Update

Thank you for your support and attention to Journey to the West: Legend of Mountains and Seas. Today we bring you a Christmas Special update, hope you will enjoy it. The following are the update contents:

New Content

1. Christmas Special Update, added new transformation: Snowman-Reindeer-Santa.
2. Added Christmas special decorations: Christmas Light, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Candy, Christmas Gift and so on.

Optimization of Functions

1. Added relic merging table at the pause menu in the game.
2. Automatically save the game when returning to the game in endless mode.
3. Now after transformation, player can ignore the collision of enemies and move freely in the field.
4. Now the treasure bowl can now absorb the experience of the entire map.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where steam achievement didn’t pop up.
2. Fixed an issue where Nine-tailed Fox’s attack won’t disappear.
3. Fixed an issue where Mask Dragon didn’t show up.
4. Fixed an issue where game will freeze due to too many cooldown items.
5. Fixed an issue where roulette of luck may not stop spinning.