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Heretic's Fork » “Christmas of Hell” Update

Hello Heretics!

We’d like to start off by thanking each one of you who have played, shared and supported the game during this interesting year, The recent reviews on our game Heretic’s Fork are now rated “Overwhelmingly Positive” on Steam and In celebration of this occasion we’re launched a large giveaway on X (formerly known as Twitter) so feel free to check that one out!

So without further a do! It’s time to reveal what we’ve been working on for the past month, and what’s a better time to reveal it than early Christmas, we have officially collaborated with the iconic multi-platinum rock band, Disturbed, and we’re delivering an 4-song package of pure banger, let’s dive Inside the fire 🤘

(Dev Note: This update is more than just a DLC with 4 songs, read the full announcement for more cool information)

🎶 Heretic’s Fork x Disturbed 🎶

Introducing the new — Inside the Fire DLC, here’s what’s new!

🎧 4 Music tracks from Disturbed 🎧

  • Indestructible — Instrumental
  • Torn — Instrumental
  • Inside The Fire — Instrumental
  • Curse — Instrumental

🆕 7 New Variants 🆕

  • Cozy Ruby
  • Riff Master
  • The Guy’s Roadie
  • Master Gilbo
  • Monkey Lord
  • Reckless Niya
  • Humble Shredder Greezy

🤘 Free Expansion Update 🤘

🃏 7 New cards 🃏
  • Infrastructure
  • Beelzebub
  • Pick of Destiny
  • Festive Tree
  • Boiling Blood
  • Blighted Blood
  • Snowball Strike

👗 4 New Free Variants 👗 (Unlocked via new challenges)
  • Empire of Greezy
  • Critical Roller
  • John the Builder
  • Denny Claws (unlocked via Holidays file)

🏆 Challenges 🏆

New challenges to unlock the above variants

  • Critical Mass
  • House of Cards
  • Empire of Sin
🎼 New Music 🎼
  • 12 new tracks from POSTAL REDUX
  • 1 New track from Rotting Christ
  • 9 New tracks from Sakis Tolis
🔥 Things that no one asked for 🔥
  • Unholy Crit is now capped at 75%
  • Christmas Wallpaper
  • 4 New wallpapers from POSTAL REDUX

The following old variants are now also unlocked via challenges:

  • Unknown Tormentor
  • Tormented Ruby
  • Messy Denny
🔥 Things that everyone asked for 🔥
  • Music shuffle button in options menu

– Reworked Greezy in a way that should make her early game less punishing while still maintaining her play style.

  • Can upgrade cards similarly to other employees
  • Only gets one “choice” when upgrading.
  • Gets rewarded gold for every upgrade.
🎁 Steam Winter Sale 🎁

Heretic’s Fork will be on another 20% OFF sale celebrating the Steam Winter Sale event, feel free to grab the game for yourself or for your friend, it makes the perfect Christmas Gift 😉 It would be quite… hot.

That’s all for today, May your Christmas be as hot as the depths of hell – If you made it this far don’t forget to leave a review, For in the depths of hell, my job depends on you.

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