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Crafty Survivors » Character Reveal! & Announcements

Hello, crafters!

Let’s start with the information about the upcoming new content.

A new character will join the roster soon:

Viala, the Alchemist

Progressing through the new Stages of the Mountain, players will find a special challenge where they can meet the new character, unlocking them and their building as well.

Viala is the first character capable of combining 2 skills into a whole new one. 5 of her skills have special interactions between each other. Throwing one of these skills on top of another will morph them, either combining the effect of both or even bringing a whole new effect to the battlefield! Experiment with skills and combinations to bring forth Viala’s devastating power to the combat!

Using skills gives players a special resource that can activate Viala’s Special Command: Concoct! Through a combination of up to 3 of these resources, Concoct will cause a variety of effects that can range from devastating damage to healing Viala’s wounds. However, wrong combinations can result in a Fail. Do not worry though! Failing the special command will not harm the player, it will just result in minimal damage to enemies.

Accompanying Viala in the update, new Stages of the Mountain and challenges will be introduced in the game, along with the last Field Material of this area, and a brand new System with the Laboratory! This System will add more options for players in the battlefield!

We hope everyone is excited to meet Viala and the new System in the next big update.

Now on to the next important announcements:

Crafty Survivors is increasing in price SOON!

With the current amount of content, we believe that the price point of Crafty Survivors doesn’t fit anymore. As we stated since the beginning of the Early Access and is shown in the Store Page, the game would increase in price after certain milestones were met throughout the development process and we got to this point already.

This is the lowest price Crafty Survivors will be in a very long time, so if you are still on the fence about buying the game, this is the cheapest it will be until we reach a point of a major discount (far into the future).

Why is Crafty Survivors increasing in Price?
Compared to the Early Access release version 0.1 back in March, the amount of content had a major increase. There were only 4 characters available, 15 Stages in total with 1 boss, none of the current Village Systems.
The latest version,, has 7 playable characters, 59 Stages in total with 4 bosses, 8 Village Systems that allows players to customize their runs even further.
The next version 0.5 will add the 8th character, more Stages to the mountain with more bosses and another new System to the Village.
With all this difference in content, Crafty Survivors cannot be the same price as it currently is.

Is this going to be final price of the game?
No, it is not. There are 8 more characters to a total of 16, much more Stages and bosses, and even Systems to be developed and added to the game. We don’t know yet when we will reach the next milestone for a price change in Crafty Survivors.
We will make an announcement much like this one when the time comes.

We know that some people might not agree with this change, but we must do what we believe is the best and most fair course of action for the game.

More on the announcements of the future of Crafty Survivors:


We finished setting up the game’s system and content, so we are ready to start any Localization process for the game. We already began working with a few languages and those should be released after Viala’s update. We are interested in adding more localizations in the future, so we ask everyone’s patience since this will depend on our budget. This is not an easy process and as a game that is still in Early Access, things can easily change so we are taking it one step at a time.

Let us know if there is any specific localization you are looking forward to!

Thank you all again for being a part of this journey with us and playing Crafty Survivors.

And as usual, we want to kindly ask everyone to leave us a review here on Steam when possible, please. The reviews help a lot with the game! So if you have some spare time, please leave as a review when you have a moment. The reviews are slowly growing up! 500 reviews is the next big step for Crafty Survivors, so please, help us achieve this milestone!
Thank you for everyone who already left a review!