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An Ankou » Changelog V0.4.2 aka The Nun Buff Update

Nun Balance Changes:

  • Base move speed increased.
  • Push Skill can now be chained.
  • Push Skill is now almost instant to cast.
  • Push Skill sends the Nun farther away (almost as far as a dash but not quite).
  • Push Skill now slows monsters caught in the area of effect by 60% for a maximum of 5 seconds. The farther the monsters are, the lower the duration is.
  • The Prayer Book (Weapon & Spirit) now slows enemies by 60% as long as they are in the area of effect.
  • Prayer Book and Candelabra resource costs have been slightly decreased
  • The Nun gets 1 additional soul each time she harvests one. When lucky, the harvest will produce 3 souls instead of 2.
  • Candelabra reach and animation speed have been slightly increased.

Other Balance Changes:

  • Lowered Korrigan’s Truce from 90s to 60s.
  • 1 Greater Soul can now be crafted from 3 Cursed Souls.
  • Brekilien and Noz-Ha-Deiz center areas will now contain more Animal Skin and Fiber resources.
  • From now on, bosses and enemies with powers too close to the border of the screen do not have the permission to use their power.
  • Noz-Ha-Deiz is now unlocked by winning Brekilien with any Profession and not the Nun.
  • The Nun is now unlocked by surviving 10 minutes in Brekilien with the Apothecary.
  • The Gold Magnet is now unlocked by winning Brekilien with the Nun.
  • The Shielding Scythe is now unlocked by surviving 20 minutes in Brekilien with the Nun.
  • Harvest timing for Greater Souls has been changed.

New Feature:

  • Added a marker pointing to the Bosses of Noz-Ha-Deiz when they are offscreen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug limiting the duration of the Lucky Lantern based on Carry Capacity, the duration is now properly always 5 minutes.
  • Fixed missing death animations for a lot of bosses
  • Decreased a lot the cases of monster / bosses stuck in the environment due to too close colliders
  • Gargoyles were added to some Ker Koad enemy waves by mistake, they were removed.
  • Danger Hints are now shown on top of most paved stones.
  • Some additional german and chinese loc fixes (still a few missing texts for both)

Additional balancing for Brekilien and Noz-Ha-Deiz are in the works and should be deployed by the end of the week. We hope that you will continue to give us your feedback even if you sometimes have the impression that the game is not moving in the right direction. Some changes require time and careful considerations of all possible effects, obvious and less obvious. Since we also have to share our effort between fixes, balance changes and new features and content, our changes may appear slow but we usually get there… eventually.