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An Ankou » Changelog – An Ankou V0.4

Major features:

  • A new map Noz-Ha-Deiz with its new mechanics, bosses and rewards. To unlock it, you have to survive 20 minutes in Brekilien with the Nun.
  • A new music track for the new map, at least a first version of this new track. Expect it to become even better soon.
  • A complete rework of the waves of enemies on Brekilien and Ker Koad

Balance Changes:

  • The reward between the achievement of surviving 20 minutes and winning Brekilien with the Nun have been swapped. Winning Brekilien now unlocks the Gold Magnet and surviving 20 minutes unlocks Noz-Ha-Deiz, the new map.
  • A new currency (Greater Souls) is required to reach the top level of item upgrades.
  • Skeletons do not drop Souls anymore but Floating Eyes do instead.

Minor Changes:

  • Some environmental optimization. Hopefully Brekilien should run a bit better on lower specs systems even if there’s still work to do.
  • Visual for Soul drops have been reworked.
  • Markers on the map are different for Merchants and other points of interest.

The amount of work necessary to rebalance Brekilien and Ker Koad with the new waves of enemies was pretty huge. We hope they did not become too easy or too hard in the process and we will follow your reactions to those changes closely in the next few days. We’re also quite excited to see what you think about the new game mode because it’s a big change in the pacing of the game and we’re convinced its a big step forward in the right direction! Let us know what you think in the steam forum or on the Discord server.