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Champion Shift » Champion Shift Demo Update 0.3.1

Greetings Champion! Update 0.3.1 of our demo has dropped here on Steam. This release fixes issues and bugs as well as general improvements to the game’s user experience:

  • A dash ability has been added, which can be activated by using RB on your controller (or right click w/ mouse). This will greatly improve your ability to dodge incoming firepower without needing to shift into car mode
  • New gameplay UI improvements: moved the minimap to the upper right corner for better visibility and added a new Celestial Gift tracker, which lets you know at a glance your current build for better planning of your run
  • New stage: Desert Facility (Night version)
  • New Celestial Boons: Ymir’s Howl, Arctic Blast, Ice Shards, Celestial Orb, Deadly Orbit & Cosmic Energy
  • General balance changes (this is a work in progress and will keep improving with time!)
  • Tons and tons of bug fixes.

Thanks to everyone in our community who has dropped some feedback, keep ‘em coming. We’ll keep you up to date with future demo updates (more coming in the next couple of weeks), as we continue Champion Shift’s development. Have fun!