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Champion Shift » Celestial Gift Spotlight: First of the Frost Giants

Greetings, brave champions!

In this celestial gift spotlight, we present to you a gift from the frozen realms of Jotunheim — the icy breath of Ymir, the father of all Jotnar. Embrace the chilling power of the Frost Giants and freeze the Dominion in their tracks as you harness the element of frost. Let the wrath of Ymir’s rage be your guiding force on the battlefield:

Summon the colossal presence of Ymir, to unleash a frigid blast of icy breath that chills enemies to the bone. Those caught in its frosty grasp may have their movement and attack speed reduced by half. With Ymir’s Howl, freeze the very essence of your adversaries, rendering them vulnerable to your impending onslaught.

Ymir unleashes a blast from within to create an explosive burst of frost from the champion. This chilling explosion deals damage to all in its radius and has a chance to chill enemies, leaving them susceptible to the biting cold of defeat.

Ymir shoots a shard of ice that explodes on impact, dealing additional damage and creating a zone of frozen mist. This mist chills enemies within its confines, leaving them frozen in the wintry embrace of Ymir’s wrath.

Command the sub zero might of the frost giants, and turn the battlefield into frozen ice! With Ymir’s Howl, Arctic Blast, and Ice Shards, you become the harbinger of winter’s fury, leaving a trail of frozen Dominion forces in your wake. Let Ymir’s wrath guide you to victory!.

Stay tuned for more celestial gift spotlights as we unveil the diverse array of powers you can wield in Champion Shift!