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The Last Stand: Aftermath » Celebrating One Year of Aftermath with v1.2!

Hey there, Last Stand fans! Believe it or not, The Last Stand: Aftermath released one year ago today. We’re so grateful for all of your support since then and owe all our success to you for believing in our game. As thanks, we have a little something for you:

Version 1.2 is out now!

That’s right, we’re adding new content to celebrate our anniversary! You can now craft the following weapons at your workbench in-game: Hand Cannon, Big Baller, Spiked Cestus, Morning Star, and Steel Ball. Additionally, you can craft Ball Ammunition for your weapons as well as find the AE-50 pistol (along with all the new weapons) in your travels.

Plus, we’ve added a grand total of seven new maps, two new types of locations (Oil Fields and Desert), and side roads to all Mountain maps that lead to desert-themed locations.

Trading Cards

This update also comes with the addition of Steam trading cards! Now you can collect five trading cards, along with six emojis and three backgrounds.

Anniversary Discount

In celebration of one year on Steam, The Last Stand: Aftermath will also be on sale for 35% off until the 21st.