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Alien Hominid: Invasion » Celebrate the holidays with Alien Hominid Invasion on sale!

Deck the halls with deals aplenty, bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk, bawk-bawk, bawk-bawk!
Tis the season to Invade, bapi bapi ba, ba bapi ba!

From now until January 4th at 10AM PST, enjoy some savings on our games and spread the holiday cheer in the Steam Winter Sale! And as an extra holiday thank you from our team, catch our new releases Alien Hominid Invasion and Alien Hominid HD during their first discount ever!

Alien Hominid Invasion – 20% Off

Alien Hominid HD – 20% Off

In case you forgot your Christmas list this year and need a reminder, here are our usual sales:

Castle Crashers Remastered – 70% Off

BattleBlock Theater – 70% Off

Pit People – 60% Off

We’ve also got deals on bundles!
Our Can’t Stop Laughing Bundle (Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater) is 76% off, and Ultra Baby’s Co-Op Chaos Pack, (two copies of BattleBlock Theater, one for each hand) is also 76% off!

Wishing you a holly jolly, bapi-bapi holiday season and new year! The Chicken will see you on the other side.