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QubiQuest: Castle Craft » Castle Craft: Wishlist now!

Build huge castles in an open sandbox world and defend them against hordes of enemies in siege battles of epic proportions: This is Castle Craft!

We’re excited to finally show the world a first glimpse of what we’ve been working on. Ever since placing those first voxels more than 10 years ago, we wanted to combine a voxel sandbox with action elements and a tower defense component. After many years of thinking about this, we’re finally in full production!

In Castle Craft you build an economy and – with the help of your minions – an impressive stronghold. You then raise an army to defend your castle against waves of enemies of ever increasing military might. Faced with limited resources, you need to make hard decisions: Do you prioritize building impressive defensive structures, improve the equipment of your brave defenders, or turn your character into a powerful war hero? Each decision is associated with its unique play style.

Find your own way through all the kingdoms in Castle Craft. Your people are counting on you.

Find out more about the team behind Castle Craft on To stay in the loop about our work follow us on twitter. If this isn’t enough for you and you’d like to influence what Castle Craft will ultimately become, you can join our community on Discord!