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Cast Out Colony » Cast Out Colony Demo Updates! (12-30-23)

Hey there everyone!
We have updated our demo with NEW content! Please see the patch notes below.

Demo 1.2 Patch Notes:

Skill Changes

After watching more players, we have realized that we have not given players enough skills in the early phases of the game. That said, we have made the following changes:

  • New Active Skill: Thorn Whip!
    This new skill is a high powered long reaching attack!
  • New Active Skill: Seed Bomb!
    This is a grenade like attack that will hurt the horde inside the explosion!
  • Dash has been changed from an unlockable passive skill to an ability all characters can use from the start!
  • Bee changed from Rare to Common skill and is unlocked from the start. Get buzzin’!
  • Various skills had their requirements for unlocking changed. You should see skills unlocking more in the earlier parts of the game.
Some Other Things…

General Fixes

  • Fixed glitch that prevented the boss from spawning on runs when you have defeated that boss in a previous run.
  • Fixed glitch tracking player’s survival time with specific characters.