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Cast Out Colony » Cast Out Colony Demo Updates! (12-16-23)

Hey there everyone!
We have updated our demo with NEW content! Please see the patch notes below.

Demo 1.1 Patch Notes:

Colony Progression

We’ve added more to the colony aspect of the game. (It is called Cast Out Colony, for a reason!) Yay, meta-progression!

1. Expansion
When you first start your colony, only a small percentage will be able to be built on. However, with the use of flower coins, you may expand your colony, amount of traps, and amount of villagers. This way, we hope not to overwhelm any first timers in building too much too early. Now there is a nice steady progression in your colony, and you’ll have to be more mindful of your colony management.

2. Colony Bonus
Going hand in hand with the prior bullet point, we noticed through gameplay videos of playtesters and the first batch of YouTube videos playing the 1.0 demo (Yes, we watch them ALL). Most players opted to keep skipping to night, and did not find any benefit in building a colony. While this may be true in the early phases of the game, structures play a crucial part in a colony as the game progresses. To help with unlocking these structures faster and encourage building your colony, we have implemented a Colony Bonus that will give you a percentage of extra Flower Coins at the end of a run.

3. Enemies Movement Speed
Something that we noticed quite early into development was that when there was too much built on the map, it became more of a hindrance to the player. We have now implemented a mechanic that slows down the enemies depending on how much you have built in your colony.

Building Changes

A few of the Structures have been modified to help in the meta-progression.

Bank – We have added a spot in the bank’s menu where players can now exchange coins on their person (…or bug?) and exchange them for Flower Coins. This exchange rate does change every day, so be sure to check back in on it to try to get that coveted 1:1!

Gym – The gym originally gave the player the opportunity to level up their character for a set amount of coins. This was a temporary boost for your character on that run. Now you can get a PERMA BUFF for all of your characters across all runs at the gym using Flower Coins.

Some Other Things…

Flower Coin Passive Skill
We have added a passive skill that can be unlocked (Hint: Use Roxy) to give an extra boost to the amount of Flower Coins given after a run.

We are continuing to give the player more options of props to build in their colony, and have added more! Check your shop to see if it is in stock!

We noticed sometimes players won’t see a skill defeating a boss, and thus, not seeing the treasure chest. We added an offscreen indicator to those chests and to acorn trees, as well.

Various UI changes.