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The Void Rains Upon Her Heart » Cardiac Event Recorder – Update #76

Finally we have arrived at Version 8.0!
So first of all, I lied about a few things. There are way more gifts than I said, in fact there are 220 new gifts! But most of them have a special twist and only appear in The Towers. You gain access to The Towers by loving at least 60 unique monsters.

You will also want to do a few battles in story mode as Her Heart to get a new tutorial for the new Bounty Gifts!

This is by far the most new effects added in a single update, so I expect to be fixing many bugs this week. This is also probably the largest file size upgrade there will be due to the 13 new songs (It’s only a few MB)

New Content
  • New game mode, The Towers!
  • 3 new entire types of gifts!
  • 13 new battle songs
  • 47 new dreams to fulfill
  • There is a new tutorial scene that explains the special combo rules for shy battles
  • Special monsters and gem monsters will no longer have an inherent score bonus in story mode, instead they will always have something new in normal encounters!
Updates and tweaks
  • The combo bar during shy battles will now turn green instead of pink
  • On new save files, shy monsters will not appear until certain tutorial scenes are viewed first
  • Changed the battles tips for monsters that had information explained in the new tutorials: Veyeral Rain, Photoxai
  • Changed the battle tips for monsters that had very basic or obsolete information: Amalga, Alter Glacia, Celestia, Unity, Ruby, Topaz
  • Made Rage Duet’s battle into a true rage battle by adding a permanent full arena attack and a large safety bubble
  • Blue Veyeral will not deal contact damage while leaving the screen after phase 3
  • Adjusted many of Blue Veyeral’s attacks during her final 2 phases
  • Adjusted the color of Chroma’s bullets as she tends to appear on the most colorful backgrounds
  • Unit Lulu and Null Unit’s arms become transparent when broken
  • Added more combinations of bullet and dreamscape tinting to improve contrast in several battles
  • The Charge Damage stat now scales multiplicatively with the All Damage stat
  • The Helper Damage stat now scales multiplicatively with the All Damage stat
  • All gifts that increase charge damage have been buffed
  • The damage of Love Signals now scales with effects that increase charge damage
  • Changed the wording on several gift effects to reduce the space used by certain descriptions
  • Reduced the tetrid cost to upgrade the Radiant Garden’s conversion and extractions
  • Changed the effect of Chrome Hearts so that they will protect your combo from dropping for any reason
  • Active Chrome hearts are now shown over the boss fear bar, or the combo bar if that is enabled
  • Changed the “Heart of Chrome” effect so that it makes all used Chrome Hearts regenerate after battle
  • Added visual effects for each type of element damage you take
Bug Fixes
  • Bug Fix: The active gift list would not show any gifts that were equipped in Quickplay or freeplay modes
  • Bug Fix: Helper DPS would not correctly add the damage of Photo Stones duplicated by the Friend Spiral effect
  • Bug Fix: Friend Beam would not properly scale as Magnet Stones are created
  • Bug Fix: The beam attack sound would continue to play until the end of battle if one of Heliola’s beam glyphs escaped
  • Bug Fix: Heliola was stuck only using 2 of her attacks FOR MONTHS AND NO ONE NOTICED
  • Bug Fix: White radiant beams would deal void damage instead of radiant

Adjusted Monster Scoring

Certain monsters would always give unusually high numbers of motes. These were mostly really early ones and I tended to decrease optimal scores as new monsters were added. So I decided to rebalance the whole roster now that they are mostly all done. Many tougher battles would give out relatively low scores, so I buffed many of their part values. It used to be that all monsters gave the exact same score for a full combo, but I have changed this too. I can now increase individual combo scores for monsters with few or no breakable parts.

This also means quickplay scores and medal goals had to be adjusted all over the place. The game will automatically scale your quickplay scores when you load your save. It will try to keep your medals radiant if you had them.

Score Changes
  • Adjusted the way motes are given so that individual part scores do not lose partial score from rounding. (This means optimal scores are a few points higher in nearly every battle since no score is lost due to rounding anymore)
  • These 32 monsters have noticeably increased their optimal scores at all levels: Knot Knott, Blot, Alter Blot, Null Blot, Amalga, Calorie, Joule, Rendy, Snowball, Lila, Voladrome, Dendrohai, Ombroah, Chionotoh, Astrayo, Unit Lulu, Null Unit, Rage Prisma, Flip Flap, Vitrea, Pearl, Burning Veyeral, Venom Veyeral, Vibrant Veyeral, Veyeral Rain, Veyeral Quartet, Anomaly, Unity, Shamra, Oudenai, Default, Forma
  • These 9 monsters have decreased their optimal scores at all levels: Scrambla, Boiler, Roundsaw, Alter Roundsaw, Null Roundsaw, Hadesoh, Syncron, Alter Syncron, Rage Duet
  • Your quickplay scores for all of the monsters above have been scaled, but it will try to keep your medals radiant if you had them.
  • All 3 final bosses will now give more motes from combos and less from phase changes. Their optimal scores still remain the same.

There’s still a lot of work to do on the towers! I’ll detail everything left for version 8 in the next update which I am scheduling for November 24th, but may move it back one week depending on how many bugs come up!

Enjoy The Towers and all the Blessings, Burdens, and Bounties within!
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