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Myriavora » Camps Vigilantia & Nivium + more clothing

Changes made in revision 8089:

  • Added Camp Vigilantia
  • Added Camp Nivium
  • Added leg straps Köln
  • Added leg straps London
  • Added arm band Milano
  • Added arm band London

Camp Vigilantia is defended by three small but very powerful resonators. Using them effectively isn’t always easy, but when you do, they can be devastating.

If something goes wrong, you can try to get some distance from the enemies in the forest. But it isn’t dense enough to get more than a few seconds out of it, so better don’t rely on that.

Camp Nivium essentially consists of a sinkhole with an enormously powerful turret at the bottom. You activate the turret by entering it. It stays active for 60 seconds after you leave it.

The main strategy is obviously to lure the swarm into the pit and let the turret do its job. Just keep in mind that spiders can climb walls. So, don’t worry, watching them die won’t be your only activity.

I made leg straps that are specifically designed to go with the London (left picture) and the Köln boots (right picture). However, they’re actually compatible with all boots, shoes, socks, and pants, so feel free to mix and match. Since they don’t overlap, you can even use both at the same time. The only combination I had to disable is the Köln straps with the Milano straps (from last week’s update) due to clipping issues.

I also made arm bands. The pair on the left fits the Milano gloves, on the right you see the London version. As with the leg straps, you can actually wear them together and with all gloves, shirts, and jackets.