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Myriavora » Camps Vaporum, Lapidis, and Agri

Changes made in revision 8064:

  • Added Camp Vaporum
  • Added Camp Lapidis
  • Added Camp Agri

Camp Vaporum offers four time bubbles, each surrounded by six frost shocks. The time bubbles are activated by entering, but switch off automatically after 10 seconds. A bubble switching off, however, activates the frost shocks, which suggests two different strategies.

On the one hand, it makes sense to try to kill as many of the frozen spiders as possible. It helps that the time bubble needs several seconds to collapse, which slows down enemies pouring in. Still, this strategy is relatively risky because the time bubbles have a 35 second cooldown.

If you don’t want to take this risk, you can of course jump to another time bubble. Unless you activate several bubbles at the same time, at least one should always be available. Leaving frozen enemies behind should give you a few seconds head start. Keep in mind, however, that frozen enemies get angry faster and, as a result, eventually become more dangerous.

The defense of Camp Lapidis is twofold. There are three traps on the west side, with two amplifiers placed between them. On the east side you will find three teleporters.

The traps are activated upon entry and remain active for 15 seconds after exiting. Since they overlap with the amplifiers, trapped enemies can be fought very effectively. However, you have to be careful, because the amplifiers are close to the cages and trapped enemies can still attack.

The teleporters are relatively large and have a short cooldown of just 20 seconds. They therefore encourage aggressive use. You just have to make sure that there are no poison puddles at the target point. However, this is not that easy, because the dense vegetation often blocks the view.

The defense of Camp Agri is controlled by three fetchers. One specializes in elite enemies, the other two work with all types of spiders.

All three are activated upon entering and remain active for three seconds after exiting. The timer resets when you re-enter a fetcher. This is important to know because two crucial things happen when they switch off.

For one, the fetcher remains inactive for a cooldown of 30 seconds. In addition, a very strong thermal turret that overlaps the respective fetcher is activated for two seconds.

This means that the point at which a fetcher is switched off should be carefully considered. It should also be noted that the turrets are so strong that it can, for example, be worthwhile to lure non-elite enemies into the elite fetcher.