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Myriavora » Camps Insularum, Sanitatis, and Odii

Changes made in revision 8061:

  • Added Camp Insularum
  • Added Camp Sanitatis
  • Added Camp Odii

The hilly terrain around Camp Insularum is defended by three thermal turrets and two transformers. Since the turrets remain active for 10 seconds after exiting, you can sometimes achieve combo effects, but that’s not easy. You often encounter strong conquerors and throwers here, which makes it difficult to follow a fixed strategy. Instead, I recommend relying on flexibility and seizing opportunities wherever they arise.

Three thermal precision turrets and three transformers are available for defense at Camp Sanitatis. The turrets are relatively weak on their own, but if you use them to kill enemies in the transformers, they can achieve enormous firepower. It’s not that easy in the fray, however, and it’s often better to focus entirely on the transformers. Then again, the turrets are unbeatable when it comes to thinning out elite groups from a safe distance.

There is virtually no cover around Camp Odii. To compensate, there are two large defenses with high firepower: a frost shock and a thermal turret. Both are activated by entering and fire every 10 seconds.

The frost shock is often easier to use due to the frost effect, but the thermal turret has significantly more firepower. I often switch between the two facilities, depending on the type of opponent and the combat situation.