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Myriavora » Camp Vitæ + Camp Sterilitatis

Changes made in revision 8102:

  • Added Camp Vitæ.
  • Added Camp Sterilitatis.
  • Added Chicago leg straps.
  • Character model rotation is now calculated more accurately, resulting in a more realistic animation when dashing backwards or sideways.

Five thermal turrets and four time bubbles enclose Camp Vitæ in a wide arc. All facilities are triggered by entering and remain active for 10 seconds after leaving. There’re no cooldowns.

This is a solid and pretty straightforward defense that provides both protection and fire power. However, keep in mind that the time bubbles can’t completely stop incoming enemies, so you need to be prepared to constantly adjust your position. Watch out for the hilly terrain and stray enemies.

Camp Sterilitatis provides three large traps, each spezialising in a different type of spider (elite, assault, and regular). When you enter a trap, it activates for 20 seconds. When the time runs out, the trap turns off and five powerful thermal turrets get activated for 5 seconds. The trap can be reactivated as soon as the turrets shut off.

The fact that the traps only catch certain types of spiders often proves to be a challenge in combat. I highly recommend paying close attention to what exactly you are dealing with. Note that spider names are color-coded (red for assault, yellow for elite, and grey for regular).

When play-testing this camp, I first tried to activate all relevant traps as often as possible, rushing back and forth. However, I soon realized that activating a trap doesn’t do anything for me if it doesn’t actually catch spiders. Often that meant I had to stay nearby as a lure. In that case, focusing on one specific trap usually turned out to be the more sensible approach.

The Chicago leg straps, shown here on the London boots, are compatible with all shoes, boots, socks, pants, and even other leg straps, except for the Köln and Milano straps due to clipping issues. Each strip can be customized individually (material + pigment), allowing for interesting designs.