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Myriavora » Camp Pruniæ + more clothing

Changes made in revision 8079:

  • Added Camp Pruniæ.
  • Added punk-style belt.
  • Added leg straps “Milano”.
  • Added leg straps “Madrid”.
  • Defense units now have a grey name & outline when they are inactive due to cooldown.
  • The reticle for precision turrets is now significantly larger so it’s not as easy to lose sight of in the heat of battle.
  • Fixed a bug that made the health bar sometimes show an animation when you equip or remove Flash Healing.
  • Fixed a bug that made the minimap place the range indicator for the aimed attack (red line) at a slightly incorrect position.

The mountainous terrain at Camp Pruniæ can be tough to maneuver. Fortunately, there are six powerful thermal turrets to support you. They activate upon entering and stay active for 10 seconds after leaving. If you’re fast enough, you can have multiple or even all of them active at any one time.

After the neck and wrist bands in previous revisions, you now get a matching punk-style belt. This concludes the set, at least for now.

I’ve started to experiment with ideas that might add a sci-fi look to Myriavora’s clothing collection. These “leg straps” as I call them are the first result. They probably wouldn’t be practical or comfortable when made with contemporary technology, but I can easily imagine some high-tech to make them work.

They’re also perfect for customization as they’re compatible with most clothing. This means you can use them as decoration on boots, socks, and pants.

I think, this is a promising concept and I will try to develop it further in the future.