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Myriavora » Camp Luxuriæ + Camp Proventus

Changes made in revision 8106:

  • Added Camp Luxuriæ.
  • Added Camp Proventus.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the ice missile skill from dealing damage when multiple instances where active simultaneously while the power level was very high (more than 1000%).

Camp Luxuriæ‘s hilly terrain is covered with dense vegetation. There are five small but powerful frost shock facilities in the few clearings. They activate upon entry and then trigger every 6 seconds.

The terrain can be quite challenging in combat, even for the spiders. I recommend staying alert at all times and quickly changing positions if the situation gets dicey.

Camp Proventus has two pairs of traps located on the north and south sides respectively. The pairs are alternately active for 20 seconds each and then switch off for 25 seconds. Between each pair is a teleporter with a 35 second cooldown.

The teleporters have a generous overlap with the traps. This can be used for devastating attacks provided you time their use with the trap activation pattern.