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Myriavora » Camp Famis

Changes made in revision 8068:

  • Added Camp Famis
  • Added punk-style wristbands
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented spiders from taking damage when they get teleported into an area attack (like energy flash, frost shock, blast wave, etc).

The defense of Camp Famis consists of three jump pads, each connected to a group of three fetchers. Whenever you use a jump pad, the associated fetchers are activated for one second. This is a delightful combination because the spiders get teleported right into the jump pad’s blast wave.

There are no cooldowns, i.e. you can use the jump pads as often and for as long as you want. Just keep in mind that they don’t protect you from taking damage. I recommend using each jump pad only once or twice in a row and then switching to a different one.

I’ve created wristbands that match the punk-style neck band from a few weeks ago. As always, they drop with random materials and pigments, so you’ll probably need to customize them to get the studded look as depicted. I’m using black rubber for the band and white crystal fabric for the rivets.