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Myriavora » Camp Æstatis + Camp Epidemiarum

Changes made in revision 8095:

  • Added Camp Æstatis
  • Added Camp Epidemiarum

Camp Æstatis features three large transformers that harvest energy from dying spiders, granting you a temporary power boost. Each of the transformers contains three small fetchers, which specialize in regular, assault, and elite spiders, respectively. They activate briefly each time the transformer triggers.

On the one hand, this is quite convenient, because it guarantees a constant supply for the transformer. On the other hand, it can backfire if you don’t have enough firepower to deal with all the incoming enemies. I recommend keeping an eye on the situation and switching to a different transformer if there are any signs of trouble.

Camp Epidemiarum is defended by three powerful thermal turrets. They trigger when you enter and stay active for 15 seconds whether you remain inside or not. They then turn off for a 35 second cooldown.

The turrets are flanked by a wall of traps, which are triggered by the turrets. They can offer some protection, but keep in mind that they turn off shortly before the respective turret.