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IDIOTIC (The Game) » Call me “mr hotfix man” because here’s another hotfix!

* fixed white suits running backwards, now they come up at ya, shoot once and then run away facing the right direction
* fixed weapons not affected by the ADS and looking far away when aiming (also aligned some to the center)
* fixed key binding sometimes removing the opposite key (aka “moving forward and backwards now use the same key and you have nothing to do about it” is no more!)
* added a reset key binding button
* forgor :skull: to change the buttons’ text to the key bound so that’s coming next update. Too bad I remembered this only after I started writing the patch notes and set the build to live
* added a class called PP_Controller and giggled a lot. This won’t affect the game in any way as this hasn’t been implemented into the main game but I want y’all to know it’s in the files now