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Bullet Runner » Bullet Runner – Demo V1.3.0

Hey everyone!

We hope you’re all doing good. We’ve just released an update for the Bullet Runner demo build. This update includes a range of visual and performance improvements, as well as new game-feel additions and polishing.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

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– Added level intro sequences
– Modified level starting areas
– Greatly reduced chance of player catchphrases
– Tweaks, changes and improvements to game menu’s
– Moved weapon-reel to the top-right of the screen
– Added option to set weapon-reel to either center or top-right of the screen
– Recoded the entire chain system (it’s a LOT more reliable and snappier now)
– Zoomed out the gameplay camera for better visibility in arena fights
– Slightly improved the game’s performance
– Added lighting colorization effects to 3D sprites